Monday, March 1, 2010

February Competition Winner!

We had a lot of great entries for February's 'Starblazer' competition but there can be only one winner and its Vicky!

Not only has Vicky been a Guest Contributor here on Scotch Corner but she's also an organiser of Scotland's only comic convention, Hi-Ex!, which takes place on the 27-28 March. Vicky said in her comment that the Starblazer prize will be added into the conventions Charity Auction which is run to raise funds for Children 1st, a very worth while cause. So who could turn down such a charitable request, not us!

If you'd like to bid on the Starblazer goodies or any of the other items at the auction you can do so on the day or by contacting Hi-Ex! and placing your bid, go check out their auction page!

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