Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Human Torch. Paris Manga 2010

This week's sketch is The Human Torch drawn for a fan (Alexis) at Paris Manga in February.

Kinda tried to channel an Alex Ross painterly quality with this one. Started with a rough outline of where Johnny Storm would be standing and began using a large wedge marker for most of the figure-work and fire. Went in afterwards with a thinner pigment liner (about 0.7mm) for the more delicate detailing. This would work well with colour but for the purposes of a convention sketch still turned out quite well. Maybe about ten minutes in all.

Thanks to Guillaume for the scan.


  1. This one was your best sketch of the week end (after the one you did for me !) !

  2. Excellent as ever, Gary. It does remind me of Alex Ross, you somehow managed to capture that perfectly without actually using his style - impressive. For some reason i see it as the original Torch though - not quite sure why. The thick markers really work on this one. Ten minutes - sheesh ma bob! You must be a blur.

  3. Ten minutes! You make me sick Erskine, I'd have just got the top of my chunky marker by that point. Lovely sketch and I'm sure one happy punter!