Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wedge Antilles, X-Wing Pilot.

This sketch of Wedge Antilles was one on many drawn over the weekend at the Paris Manga event. The Star Wars link was helped by a couple of the actors appearing as the show's media guests. Mostly superhero inspired sketches over the course of the day but Wedge (and the X-Wing itself) proved very popular. All drawn from memory and not bad considering it has been over ten years since I last worked on the books.

Have included a selection of the other Wedge Antilles sketches below for comparison.


  1. Did you draw a Rogue Squadron strip years back, Gary?

  2. Impressive. Most impressive.


    I'm still smitten with the Rogue Trooper you did for me at Brum last year though.

  3. @Andy I drew the last part of The Phantom Affair for Dark Horse Comics around 1996 and Requiem for a Rogue. Both books are currently available in most book shops.