Friday, February 5, 2010

Monster mash

This is from a set of images i did for Quarto Publishing back while i was still finishing off my graphic design degree. The various illustrations were used in a "How to illustrate comics" book which i can't actually remember the exact name of (I was never sent a comp copy and being on a student budget at the time didn't want to pay full whack - numpty in retrospect as it's pretty hard to track down an old copy even on ebay now - doh!)
I had to rapidly learn the basics of digital colouring for these as they gave me that task too. I guess they assumed i knew how to do that (and i wasn't telling them any different) and were willing to gamble as i was being paid 'student rates'. I would do them completely different these days -but it was a good learning job.
Did quite a few images for the book and i'm sure a few more will probably pop up here on occassion (if i can find digital copies)

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