Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Redcoat WIP

A little work in progress on a belated Wednesday night - Some British infantrymen from the napoleonic era. I'm messing about with Artrage to try to get to grips with the oil brushes in the program, but I don't use it quite enough to get the most out of the tool - really need to tackle an entire job with the program to get to grips with it.


  1. On your feet Jenkins! Hup Hup- One Two Three One Two Three! Let's let old Bony have it! Front on attack, that's the thing. Show the Frogs some cold British steel, eh. King and Country old boy! Right up the middle, have those cannon down in no time! Off you go,One Two Three One Two Three!

    Sorry, but my entire understanding of the Napoleonic wars is taken from Blackadder, so I might be slightly hazy on some of the details. Nice composition though. Good luck.

  2. Very interesting, and unusual to see subject matter like this depicted in a comic style. I wants more I tells ya!