Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Guest Post - Dominic Regan!

We have a brilliant contribution this week from Dominic Regan who has sent us lots to check out including six pages of his own strip.

I've been drawing comics for longer than I care to remember but I've been making money from colouring other peoples artwork for the last few years. After colouring Henry Flint in the Omega Men mini-series and I then coloured a few other bits and bobs for DC.

My own comics are apparently too strange for a “mainstream” comics audience, which I, somewhat perversely, interpret as meaning that I must be doing something right.

All the art I've put forward for consideration by Scotch Corner is from a story I'm working on called “The Devil's Pawn”, which I describe as “Stone-Age Sci-Fi”. It's primal adventure with talking gorillas, Lovecraftian aliens and high-octane psychic combat set in Africa at the dawn of humanity about 300 thousand years ago. I intend this strip to be primarily available in a digital format but if someone wants to pay me for the honour of printing it, I probably won't say no.

Great work and you can check out more of Dominic's work at his own website and his Deviant art page. Thanks for sharing Dominic!

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  1. Lovely stuff, did Dom do some strips with Grant Morrison for A1 years ago I have vague recollections, either way hope to see more soon.

  2. Those pages are really evocative, and the story is compelling too! Hope to see more of this soon Dom.

  3. Thanks for the kind words James and Craig. I'm working on more...


  4. Its a great style you've got working there and (as one might expect) a really strong and unique, almost Impressionist, use of colour (I also like the way it works on the more Kirbyesque designs you have on your DA page).

    James, more details here