Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Guest Post - Robert Thomson!

Who doesn't like that classic British comic character Dan Dare? Nobody that's who. Robert Thomson does too and he's sent along two great illustrations for us to check out.

Currently residing in Glasgow where I've lived and worked all of my life. I'm employed at the moment by the N.H.S dealing with the administration side of things. My inspiration with regards to my artwork is, I suppose, anything that's fantastic or absurd. I try to keep things realistic although previous art jobs have included working on characters such as Loby Dosser.

As for the materials I use, well, I went through a phase of religiously using Isograph technical pens but with quality art materials becoming more and more scarce I've settled on pigment liners which come in a variety of nib sizes. My art heroes tend to be the old school of illustrators such as Frank Bellamy , Frank Hampson (the Dan Dare link) and Virgil Findlay among others.

Thanks for sharing these with us Robert. Although he doesn't have a website or gallery for us to check out Robert has pointed us in the direction of the Scottish Cartoonists Forum where he has posted more of his work, go check it out.

The Guest Post on Sunday is open to all who wish to take part, so click here and join in!


  1. Great stuff - Robert's work is stunning and done with incredible care and skill. And a real gent to boot!

  2. Absolutely fantastic stuff. Very evocative.