Friday, February 12, 2010

Desert Storm

Another experiment this week with textures and photo manipulation. I basically took some photos of sky and clouds, 'noised' them up and distorted to create a storm effect. At some point in the proceedings i decided to make it a storm on an alien landscape - no particular reason just felt like it. Initially i was going to draw or paint an alien city and mix it into the storm landscape but since i was deciding to experiment i went about it a bit differently instead. Found some random bits of rubbish in the garage that were destined for the bin (where they now reside, but at least found a use for first) and made a random abstract 'model' from them (old bits of ping pong balls etc. - see pics below). Albeit that most of the texture and details are lost in the final comp, i ended up with different shapes and forms than i would have if just drawing normally, so probably worth it for the sake of an experiment.

1 comment:

  1. That's a weird one all right Tom. I like your approach to it though, good to experiment. Wish we could see the final piece a bit bigger though, when I click on it it just comes through the same size? Would like to see a bit more of the alien 'cityscape' in the composition cos it just seems to blend together a bit too much for me to figure it out. Very interesting.