Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Guest Post - John Higgins!

To try and briefly sum up John Higgins prolific output would take more space than Blogger allows. Lets just say that we are very happy to have John join us this Sunday and you should take a wander over to his website and just look at the list of work he's produced! Here's a great interview with the man himself which helps show the legend he most certainly is.

I don’t do as many fully painted images as I would like, and I miss it, but this is one I did of a character called Ross, part of a Trans-Dimensional detective team, her partner Frame is your typical hardboiled detective type. They are the only defense Earth have against an evil female entity called Razorjack who’s sole purpose, once she had discovered the existence of the Earth, is to breakthrough from her twisted world into our time and space, and to lay to waste all she would survey. This was the cover for the 2009 collected edition of the Razorjack Graphic novel, published by com x, a hard-boiled, SF noir story set on strange and weird worlds and between dimensions.

This image was traditionally painted using acrylic paint on water colour paper, then scanned into Photoshop, the back ground a “dimensional” veil was painted onto a separate sheet of water colour paper, this was also scanned into Photoshop. I tweaked the contrast on the gun to enhance its “weight” and also used the Dodge tool to brush up the metallic sheen on the gun, and layered the separate paintings to make the transparency of the Dimensional veil work in a subtle way against the white of the cover background.

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  1. I'm a big fan of John Carpenter's The Thing and i remember back when the DH comic came out i thought it was stunning how John Higgins had captured the colour pallette of the fim so well. I know it may seem odd of all the work he's done to reference that one but that movie was one of my all time favourites and a comic which so captured the look, feel and atmosphere of it was a big influnce for me.

  2. I know what you mean about his work on The Thing, I only managed to get the first issue but did pour over the art.

    Apart from the series 'World Without End' the two colour stories that really stuck out for me was the Dredd story 'The Shooting Match' in issue 650, also with John on the cover and the 1988 Judge Dredd annual which again he did the cover for and the main strip inside. It was brilliant work and if you look closely on one big shot of Dredd you can see a reflection of the artist painting the strip in one of Dredd's knuckle 'globes' on his glove. The detail and colour blew my tiny mind. Awesome!