Thursday, November 5, 2009


A few years ago my friend and colleague, Liam Sharp was putting together a new anthology called Event Horizon and asked me to contribute. There were three pages in all (including another single image and a character sheet) My favourite piece is included here.

I was only able to supply the lineart for the release and Liam was kind enough to colour the image for me. The original colours were more influenced by Moebius (with yellows and greens) and had a very alien feel to the scene. Recently I decided coloured it myself and chose a more different palette. A simple enough composition.

You can see more of Liam Sharp's work at his Mamtor Publishing site and there shold still be copies of Event Horizon available. A terrific compilation, this Eagle nominated edition showcases the talents of long time established pros, such as Ash Wood, Steve Niles, Chris Weston and Brian Holguin - and also new talent, like Emma Simcock-Tooth, Kev Crossley, Dave Kendall and Lee Carter. It was a treat to be included in this book.

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  1. Hi Gary, I usually bother Andy with my nonsensical comments, but I saw this and really loved the simplicity and tension in the composition- the colours too are very enticing.
    A small note/query is that sometimes overworking female hands with linework can leave them looking harsh and old compared to a more youthful face, but perhaps it was deliberate in this case. What is the name of the painting in the picture I wonder?