Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Remembrance Tuesday

illustration,Graeme Neil Reid,poppy

I don't post on Remembrance Day (tomorrow) but I thought I'd post up an image that was the final illustration in The Dangerous Book of Heroes which I completed earlier in the year. The last chapter of the book was about the Unknown Warrior and after a few discussions with the editor myself and one of the authors convinced the publishers that this final image summed it all up. I wish we had had time to add a little colour to this illustration, even adding colour to the poppy would have been enough.

Also posted is the pencils to an alternative which shows a British tommy looking out over the wastelands of no mans land. It was rejected on the basis of the fact that the Unknown Warrior acts a reminder of all the men and women from many different nations and services who have lost the lives in combat and so singling out an infantryman while obviously deserving of credit doesn't encompass everyone. The image of the poppy over the trenches though I feel works perfectly.

Whatever you are doing tomorrow at 11am please stop and give thanks to all those who have given so much.

illustration,Graeme Neil Reid

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