Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Guest Post - Alex Ronald!

Holy Smokes! Alex Ronald kicked his way into 2000AD and produced some amazing work and then vanished! Well, from the pages of 2000AD anyway, he's still around and still producing some pretty amazing work. We think he's great and as a bona fide Scotsman he's welcome here any time!

Alex used to be a regular on Dredd in the 90's but just now he's painting magazine covers and promotional art for Ruffian games in Dundee as well as concept art for indy film studios Black Camel pictures and Mothcatcher films.

This David Tennant caricature was a small break from the norm and possibly the first Doctor Who he's drawn since he was six.


  1. Hey, Alex. You probably wont remember me but we caught some beers together on a few occassions back in the days of SCCAM and the London UKCAC conventions - we had pages next to each other in the charity auction mag(think yours was a Star wars piece if i recall correctly.) I think you had just started on the Dredd (stallone version) magazine at the time.

    Anyhoo - welcome to the madness! Excellent piece (and completely different from your Dredd work) - love how you've managed to get a 'realistic' painted style to marry alongside the caricatured features without it being too cartoony. Hope to see more from you.

  2. great Alex let's see some more of your stuff, do you have a blog?
    great to see you on here your a great talent