Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Reasons to be cheerful...

Ian Dury,Painting,Graeme Neil Reid

They think I'm off my crust as I creep about the gaff.
But I'm really getting ready to surprise them all,
Because I'm busy sorting out the problems of the world.
And when I reveal all I may get a crinkly mouth.
I've given my all to the task at hand unstintingly.
When it's all over I'll rest on my laurels.

From 2000, digital painting of a poetic genius, Mr Ian Dury.


  1. Excellent portrait - love the effort that's gone into the small details - can't imagine how long the hat alone took, but definately worth the effort. What did you 'paint' it up in?

  2. If I remember correctly it was Painter 'Classic' which I think they tended to give away free when you bought Wacom tablets and the like. I did it at work (back when I was working proper hours) when it was particularly quiet so I've no idea how long it took.