Sunday, November 22, 2009

Repeat Offender Post - Alex Ronald!

Well, we said he'd be welcome back any time and he took us on our word, Alex is back and with another cracking painting!

"Yo! Adrian! Adrian!"

Jon asked in the comments last time Alex dropped by if he had a website where he showed off his work, it appears that Alex is neglecting his duties of sharing his wonderful work with the world wide web so please leave comments insisting that he fixes that problem or at the very least continues to supply Scotch Corner with these great examples of his work!

Alex used to be a regular on Dredd in the 90's but just now he's painting magazine covers and promotional art for Ruffian games in Dundee as well as concept art for indy film studios Black Camel pictures and Mothcatcher films.


  1. Never fear, while he does need a blog to centralise his onlin presence (if he hasn't got the hint now...), Alex's work can be found here (as well as Down the Tubes) and here. There is more background on the Whatever Happened to Alex Ronald? thread on the 2000AD boards, which then becomes the "Bring Back Alex Ronald Campaign" once we know what happened to him. However, it sounds like he'll be doing a small press project first before even thinking about getting in touch with Ol' Green Bonce. That said, I'm sure with the right encouragement (or arm twisting) it might be possible to hurry him along on that front.

  2. great art by Alex again reminds me of the art of cracked and mad brilliant stuff, come on Alex get a blog going for ya pals and fans :-)