Friday, April 15, 2011

O is for Odin

Marvel A - Z week 15: Odin

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Odin is Thor's old man and is the ruler of Asgard. He's a bit of a grumpy old git and is always banishing and punishing his kids (Thor more so than Loki even though Loki is the evil one) whilst half the time he actually seems to be the cause of Asgard's problems and invasions himself having created the Destroyer and Odin-Sword etc. Whenever trouble is brewing he'll nip off for a nap (the Odin-sleep which is never to be disturbed) and leave others to sort out the problems - lazy sod. Probably the Victor Meldrew of Marvel's characters.

Anthony Hopkins will be playing Odin in this summer's Thor movie by Kenneth Brannagh - trailers are looking good.

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