Friday, April 1, 2011

M is for Man-Thing

Marvel A - Z week 13: Man-Thing

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Man-Thing was created when scientist, Ted Sallis, injected himself with a failed 'super-soldier' serum (he had been trying to recreate the Captain America formula) and crashed into a swamp (later revealed to be a magical nexus) while on the run. The combination of chemicals, magic and swamp transformed him into the Man-Thing. Appearing about a year and a half before DC's Swamp-Thing the origin stories are incredibly similar and apparently almost led to a legal battle between Marvel and DC. The characters diverged quite drastically after the origins though, so it never really came to anything.

He's had quite a few series over time and appeared regularly throughout Marvel's various titles since his creation, he's currently a regular in the Thunderbolts title.

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