Thursday, April 14, 2011

How Dare he!!!

Hey, it's Graeme here. Mr Erskine has the gall to be temporarily too busy to post on Scotch Corner and with his impending marriage (best wishes from us all) and his jaunt to the other side of the World we've seen fit to grant him an extended leave. So for the next few weeks I'll be posting Gary-tastic images on his behalf and then we have two great guests who are going to step in and post throughout May and June.

Gary has been posting lots of convention sketches in recent weeks so I'll not break the trend and post up this sketch of Dan Dare which Gary drew for me back in 2008 at Hi-Ex in Inverness. I'll catch Gary out here and say that I asked him to sketch the Mekon for me and he declined saying that he wasn't up to 'sketching speed' with the Mekon and that he'd do Dare instead, I wasn't going to complain but I'll get that Mekon sketch one day Gary, you are warned :)

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