Saturday, April 23, 2011

Eisner sketch

I was at the Big City Drink & Draw the other day. We did lots of stuff, but while I was listening to Elgin Bolling give a charicature demo, I drew a quick charicature/portrait of Will Eisner ( who's face was on the video monitor at the time.
There was also a 15 minute 'Speed Draw' which the subject was 'The Joker'. This is my Joker. The general standard was very high. I didn't win , because I was one of the Judges and thusly was disqualified.

1 comment:

  1. What are you doing drawing Eisner when you're supposed to be listening to my lecture! Just for that, I'm taking five points off your grade! I would've taken ten, but you did such an awesome joker, I let you slide!

    Hope you liked the lecture! The companion EBOOK is out now, and you can order it by clicking a link on my site. Just go to the ebooks and products section on the upper right corner of the blog