Sunday, April 24, 2011

Judge Jury and Executioner?

No it's not Judge Dredd, It's that other icon of Law enforcement officer Dibble. This was drawn one lunchtime at work and was a lot of fun to do. When I was young I used to draw the characters from this show over and over until I had the style locked in my head and after 30 years I only had to have a peek at a couple images of the background buildings to remember how they were done.

I totally love this style of art and if I could go back in time, (I'd place a huge bet on the Grand National) and I'd try to get a job as an artist on Top Cat.

P.S. I had planned to put up the cover for Red Sands 2 but on reflection it is exceptionally gory and I thought better of it. There might be kids watching, (who will probably now go looking for it.)

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