Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Going commando!

Painting,Graeme Neil Reid,Commando

Now these are another dip into my past having created them at college around 1991. This was all pre-computer for me so all the logo's, text and graphics where printed onto a clear acetate sheet and then like animation of a bygone year the colour was added on by hand on the reverse of the sheet. Then of course the painting, done in gouache back then, was placed underneath. The text on the left is "Lorem ipsum" a block of Latin text that has been used for years and years by designers all over the world when they want to indicate text but have no real 'copy' to put in place. Makes me shudder now to see some awful 'widows' on the text, those are words that stand out on their lonesome at the end of line (see 'quis' on the sixth line down) and would look better taken over to the next line. Ah, well I was young and it was all hand pasted.

I still read Commando comics and would quite fancy having a shot at a real cover or two if the opportunity arose, maybe something for me to add to my list!

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  1. Pretty cool work Graeme, I always loved the Commando book's, must have read at least a hundred of them.And they fitted up your sleeve so easy in the news agents shop! :)