Saturday, September 10, 2011

Z is for Zombies, Marvel Zombies

Finally the last part of my A- Z set (albeit a bit late in the day -aarrgh, nearly two hours to upload due to my connection constantly cutting off). Anyhoo, click on the pics for larger versions. The Marvel Zombies originally appeared a few years back in Ultimate fantastic Four and proved to be so popular (as with all things zombie just now) that they got a few mini-series of their own - including a crossover with Ash from Sam Raimi's Evil Dead movies. Haven't read all of them but throughout the various series they have jumped between various alternate Marvel earths causing zombie devastation on their way so i reckon that gave me free reign to choose whichever characters, costumes and mutilations i wanted to without having to reference any of the series - so these are the zombies from earth whatever. I also tried to avoid using any characters that i had already done in the rest of the A - Z set.


  1. Congrats on the Marvel A-Z theme, okay you had a sizeable break for 'Z' but I thought you where mad when you started way back when and you stuck at it. Particularly gruesome group shot to finish too!

  2. Cheers and you were right i was mad. Yeah, i had so much of a break at the end i forgot i still had Z to do and typically didn't make it easy for myself by putting more characters in that last one than the rest of the set put together. At least i haven't given myself another theme to do - wait, what -aarghh!