Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Bride of Frankenstein - Aviles, Spain.

Recently returned from the Aviles Comic Festival in Spain. A lovely event and this was our third year attending. Most of the day is spent drawing for the fans outside at the local bar. The rest of the time is filled with long lunches and late dinners with the rest of the guests. There is a very relaxed atmosphere and this year I got the opportunity to catch up with the Starman himself, Tony Harris. We haven't met before after near constant phone calls over fifteen years ago during the Starman era. Really good to see him.

Other guests include the ever delightful Renee Witterstaetter, Brandon Peterson, Ric Meyers, Jason Aaron and partner Kelly, Steve Englehart and wife Terry and RM Guerra and family. Many thanks to Jorge, German, Rocio and the rest of the Aviles crew who helped make for a wonderful event. See you next year!

Here is my favourite skech of the event. The Bride of Frankenstein. Thanks to Emilio Lobato for the scan.


  1. Your usual high quality of convention sketch, no doubt done in super quick time while chatting. Multi-tasking at its best! Congrats on 100 posts by the way :)

  2. Thank you for drawing this sketch for me, Gary!!! I hope to see you again in Aviles next year.

    Thanx a million