Tuesday, September 27, 2011

W is for Wolverine… or Déjà vu?

Graeme Neil Reid,Illustration,WolverineHere's a commission sketch I completed that nicely fits into the Marvel A-Z theme which I will occasionally drop in and out of. I'll not explain who the character Wolverine is as he's been in plenty of X-Men films and if you don't know him you can easily Google the hairy little fellow. This is the second time of drawing this sketch though as after completing it the first time I entrusted the Royal Mail to deliver the sketch and it promptly disappeared.

So for comparison you'll see the latest version on the left and the first sketch on the right. I shortened the neck on the second version as I felt it was too long but apart from using the first sketch as a pencil base I inked and coloured the second version without referring to the first to see what differences I would make. So you can go play spot the difference. Once again this was Pentel Brush Pen for inks and Copics for the tone, I used my Promarker for the block of yellow so that it was reasonably solid.
Graeme Neil Reid,Illustration,Wolverine

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