Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht

This started life last summer as just a one off cover idea for Alan Grant's comic Wasted. It quickly developed into something much more than that and these undead babes have been taking up all my free time ever since. The visual inspiration comes from many of the very dodgy looking video nasty covers I used to see in the rental shops as a teenager but was too afraid to ask for. Having since discovered the true content of the these films, I'm quite glad I didn't see them. This comic strip is a much more tongue in cheek affair and draws it's themes from British television wartime comedies and a touch of the James Bond innuendo and style. If I had to boil it down it would be Carry On Screaming crashing into Where Eagles Dare.


The scripts are being co-written by The Emperor and myself but it's the Emperor who is bringing the truly inspired dialogue and humour to the fore. Nottingham's finest, Jim Campbell is the letterer throughout as well as doubling up as strip editor. The Vixens make their full colour debut appearance in issue 7 of Wasted which is on the shelves of many newsagents now and it's also available in Forbidden Planet.

I'm just winding up the second episode which should be on the shelves in early May and then for the 3rd episode, my feet won't touch the ground. It's bandits high at 20,000ft and the evil Vixens make their first appearance.

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