Friday, March 11, 2011

J is for Jack of Hearts

Marvel A - Z week 10: Jack of Hearts

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No idea where i first saw Jack of Hearts - he's just one of those characters who pop up here and there in the Marvel Universe - he eventually had a decent run in the Avengers books a few years ago before being blown to smithereens - so due back to life any minute i expect. Initially his half blackened/scarred face was as a result of exposure to a new experimental fuel and the armour was created as a containment suit to prevent his new found powers getting out of control. At some point down the line someone decided to convert his original origin to a cover up story for his true origin as a half alien/half human hybrid to explain his powers and the scarred face (all the aliens were like that).

This is one of the simpler versions of his costumes but i still don't think i'd like to draw that too reguarly. Didn't have a lot of time to spend on colouring this week so not much more than flat colours.

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  1. He looks a weird one. If that is a simple version of the costume then I'm guessing the complicated one is a big fussy mess?