Friday, March 18, 2011

K is for kulan Gath

Marvel A - Z week 11: Kulan Gath

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My knowledge of Kulan Gath is mostly from his 'reincarnated' appearances in current time Marvel books like X-Men and Avengers. But predominantly he is a villain from the Conan and Red Sonja comics and is the sorcerer part of those Sword and Sorcery books. The character is part of the Robert E. Howard estate and is now actually a part of the Dynamite comic range, transferring across when they took ownership of Conan etc. and is no longer available to be used by Marvel. He is also the main villain in the new Robert Rodriguez Red Sonja movie starring Rose McGowan, but that may well be shelved as it keeps getting new release dates going back to 2008/2009.

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  1. Love the ink drawing on this Andy, it is spot on. Full of energy.

    Have you tried doing just a tonal treatment onto your inks before? I love the inked version of this image but the colour version seems to take away everything I love about it?