Tuesday, March 15, 2011

K is for Kaled

Graeme Neil Reid,Illustration,Doctor WhoThe Thals and the Kaleds lived on the planet Skaro and both couldn't stand each other so they had a bit of a war. Over a thousand years they just couldn't wipe each other out but they did succeed in mutating their own gene stock with all their use of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. The Kaleds spotting that their own future selfs would be drastically different from their current humanoid state and decided to create a vehicle to house their future shape. Fronted by the scientific genius Davros they produced the Mark III Travel Machine but amazingly decided to fill them with genetically altered Kaled blobs and one 'Exterminate' later you've accidentally released the worst kind of mass murdering super nutter on the universe,

Doctor Who Weekly was launched in October 1979 by Marvel UK and continues today as Doctor Who Magazine published monthly by Panini Comics who bought Marvel UK in 1995. The magazine has always featured a comic strip of the current Doctor and in 1984 Marvel Comics packaged these stories for print in the US as a monthly comic. In recent years publisher IDW reprinted these stories again with new colouring I believe.


  1. I have fond memories of the weekly when it came out originally. Stunning Dave Gibbons art.

    Your pic above reminds me of a strip with a chainsaw/sword weilding Dalek Killer, illustrated by Steve Dillon If I remember right.

  2. That was Abslom Daak. Funnily enough I was asked about 6 months ago if I wanted to draw a Daak strip but I couldn't commit because of the deadline and other work. Annoyingly the magazine in question still isn't published yet so I could probably have done it.