Friday, January 8, 2010

To be Frank

Congrats to John Owens again for winning the December competition. His Punisher illustration will be off to him soon but i thought i would also post a preview of it here. From my point of view it was a good chance to draw a character i've never actually drawn before and get dirtier and grungier than i normally would with the inking. As i had never drawn the character before i had to decide which take on the character i would use. I've gone for somewhere between the Frank Miller/Klaus Janson version from Miller's Daredevil run and the Mike Zeck mini-series as that's how i picture the character in my head.

I made a light photocopy of my pencils onto a second artboard and used that to create the finished inked version so that means John will also get the original pencils (below).


  1. Now that is great prize illustration Tom, love it. The inks look great and you've got a great look for frank too. Excellent.

  2. Thanks, Tom. That looks fantastic!