Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Keeping some bad company...

Kano,Illustration,Pencil,Graeme Neil Reid
Back in 1986, 2000AD (UK sci-fi comic) hit the 500 issue mark and in its pages was the first episode of a new strip called 'Bad Company'. The story featured a band of human soldiers fighting a war on a planet called 'Ararat' against an enemy called the 'Krool'. Leading a very dysfunctional but very lethal band of soldiers was 'Kano' who looked like Frankensteins monster.

Bad Company was written by Pete Milligan and featured the art of Brett Ewins (pencils and I believe some inks) and Jim McCarthy (inks and everything else). This story was pretty much a re-telling of a strip called 'Darkies Mob' which appeared in 'Battle', even using the diary of a soldier (Danny Franks) as the narration for the story.

The strip was pretty popular and ran for I think four or five series and several 'one-off' stories, none I think where as successful as the original storyline but then most sequels don't live up to the original.

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  1. Re-read the first collected TPB the other week, and it has definitely stood the test of time in my opinion. A fantastic strip. I was never a huge Ewins or McCarthy fan, but afterwards it was hard to imagine anyone else drawing it. A fine Kano, sir!