Monday, January 4, 2010

Jonday - Gentleman Cannibal Ahoy

So over the breakus festivas I put together a little behind the scenes, work in progress, rough cut documentation vid for the Gentleman Cannibal prokect and uploaded it to the YouTube. You can see it here: But for this I needed a couple of new still images, with the character models properly lit and so on, so here are those, as today's SC offering!

Image Hosted by

The Gentleman Cannibal is a graphic novel I've been working on with model maker/sculptor/artist Richard Dawson for about 12 years. We're getting there slowly.


  1. Athmospheric and disturbingly creepy!Nice mood setting Music!

  2. Hey, Jon. Really like the look of this - look forward to seeing it complete one day. Reminds me somewhat of a combination of Dave Mckeans collage work and Tim Burtons animations. Nice stuff!