Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Guest Post - Roberto Zaghi!

From time to time here at Scotch Corner we like to ask an artist whose work is something to behold to drop by and show us how its done, this week we have the pleasure of the prolific Italian artist Roberto Zaghi to admire. An absolute treat!

I am glad of being invited on Scotch Corner! Lots of fine artworks here...

I'm a comic book artist/illustrator from Italy, I've been working in the italian comics industry for about 15 years at Sergio Bonelli Editore on series Nathan Never, Zona X, Legs Weaver and (current and main collaboration) Julia - the adventures of a young criminologist. I'm working also for the bd market for the series Thomas Silane (Bamboo éditions), with Cyril Saint-Blancat as color artist.

My insiprations are the classic american and italian school, from Milton Caniff to Attilio Micheluzzi. Hitchcock and Kubrik dvds are always at hand!

Too bad I've never been to Scotland, my experience is limited to several Flickr trips searching for wonderful hills and castles... Here are some sample of my work, hope you enjoy!

Best wishes - Roberto

Fantastic work I'm sure you'll agree and we'd like to thank Roberto for sharing his work with us. Be sure to visit Roberto's Blog Site to see more examples of brilliant illustrations.

The Guest Post on Sunday is open to all who wish to take part, so click here and join in!


  1. Lovely work! I'm digging that Mo-bike, its like a synthesis of a beam framed Hinkley Triumph and a V-Twin Harley engine! Cool stuff!

  2. I started from a Buell and some mod bikes pictures I took in Ueno. As I watch it now, I realize that such a glorious engine deserved a much better rendering! Btw thanks a lot!

  3. Lovel stuff, Roberto. Nice, crisp and detailed. Your style reminds me a bit of the old Bond and Modesty Blaise style strips, kind of old school but a bit more contemporary and dynamic. Nice to see some good storytelling too - not too much of that going around these days.
    Love it

  4. I know roberto. He's a very great cartoonist! Nice choice!