Friday, January 1, 2010

January Competition - Three for One Printacular!

A new year and a new competition here on Scotch Corner take it away Jon!

Welcome to 2010! For my last competition offering way back in the olden days of 2009 I offered up a single gigantic print. Well, we all know that as time marches on things get smaller and smaller, and so for this contest I'm offering three 6x8 mini-prints. Whilst the gigantic sized prints are great for impressing your guests mounted in a huge gilt frame in your cavernous drawing room, these more compact and bijou prints are a great size for framing in your city flat or cosy country cottage. Or perhaps hanging in your downstairs cloakroom.

The images featured all come from the Dragon Warriors fantasy gaming manuals published by Magnum Opus Press. There's the core book cover featuring a doughty band of adventurers descending into the depths, the frozen centurion from "Prince of Darkness" and the townscape of the forthcoming "Friends or Foes". Good luck one and all and enjoy your jet pack in this bright new futuristic decade!

It couldn't be easier to enter, all you need to do is leave a comment about the prize and you'll be entered into the running. So leave your comments and as always any kind of comment counts but you have to make sure you think about it as you can only enter once, so make it funny, make it complimentary, make it a song, make it weird, make it anything you want but make your comment count. Please make sure that if you do not have a Blogger profile email address that you leave a contact email after your comment.

Terms of entry: 1. Only one entry per person. 2. Comments must be left by the end of 31st January 2010 to be entered into the competition. 3. The contributors to Scotch Corner will judge the comments left and decide a winner with the contributor supplying the prize having the casting vote. 4. The winner will be announced on the website as soon as a decision has been reached. 5. If the winner does not have a contact email address available on their comment profile then it is the winners responsibility to contact Scotch Corner at and supply mailing address details. 6. If the winner does not contact us after one full month a new winner will be chosen. 7. All decisions are final. 8. If you are unhappy with any of these conditions please do not enter.


  1. Not knowing what "bijou" means, I thought of "bijuu". Which is a Japanese word for tailed demons.

    Jinchuriki and their Bijuu

    Yep, me know no French. But I do watch Naruto. :D

    Oh, prints! Would love to have those! Especially the right one, it's such a classic image, but with a few subtle twists.
    I've moved to a new room recently and its walls are so white and empty.

    These prints would surely make it feel more like home.

  2. Bjorn prints??

    Why do I want prints of Abba?

    Well hopefully my New Years resolution of winning Scotch Corners monthly giveaway is gonna come true.
    Well at least I have entered it so that's one step closer

  3. They look fab. I sympathise with the frozen centurion. Brrrr.