Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Star Wars - Grand Moff Tarkin

MoffTarkin_GNREID.jpg, www.gnreid.co.ukAs much as the Emperor bothered me when it came to being the boss of Darth Vader for some reason Grand Moff Tarkin never did. Sure he used to tell Vader what to do but I always got the feeling that Vader just tolerated that and would do whatever he felt like anyway. Tarkin was the boss of the Death Star and Vader just humoured him and kept his evil eye on everyone.

The Moff was played by the wonderful Peter Cushing one of many brilliant castings in the first film. Legend has it that you never saw a full body shot of Tarkin as Cushing wore his slippers throughout shooting because his boots where too tight. Brilliant.


  1. Red fluffy slippers, to be exact. Don Henderson said it was hard to act all evil when your boss was dressed like that. Also, Cushing had just lost his wife when SW started filming. He was devastated, but still buckled down and gave an amazing performance. What a trooper.

  2. He's got be high up on anybody's great British actors list.