Monday, March 26, 2012

JonDay - Tales from Wilderland

Hmmm. I was pondering whether strictly speaking I'm allowed to post an up coming cover.  Couple of reasons that are worth mentioning:  It's for the first full supplementary book for The One Ring rpg.  Which means I have to tread somewhat sensitively around the material since there's a chain of partner publishers and license holders to consider.  In that sense (and pun fully intended) this work is very "precious".  Second, and closer to home for me, this one was painted over a sketch by the mighty John Howe.  So it's a collaboration of sorts, and not just mine to post wherever I like.

That in mind it dawned on me that the officially sanctioned video is a happy compromise.  Plus I made the video and soundtrack, so that bit could be considered today's epistle for Jonday. I heartily recommend watching it over on youChoob itself in HD.

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