Friday, March 16, 2012

Johnny Alpha

A Johnny Alpha doodle - i promised to do a strip for Zarjaz a while back so just playing about a bit with the costume a wee bit in order to decide how i will draw him when i get around to it - will probably do something like this, but maybe not with such huge boots.


  1. Big boots are cool. Nice Johnny, a lot of Alpha love recently. I sketched him the other week too so I'll stick him up on my post.

  2. Johnny was my fave 2000AD/Starlord character as a kid - looking forward to seeing your version. I actually ended up drawing this because i fancied doodling a 'big boot' character and he and Dredd jumped to mind as obvious choices. Just not sure if i would do it on a full strip or not - of course if money was involved that could change :)