Friday, March 30, 2012

Huntress and Power Girl redesigns

Another quick sketch done for the superhero of the month blog, this time around it was redesigns for two of the Birds of Prey cast - i went with Huntress and Power Girl. I've always found the Huntress costumes to be overly fussy and bulky so i decided to simplify and streamline her look. I also decided to give her tech goggles (which would include H.U.D., night vision, infrared etc.) rather than a mask and the stylised H on her chest carries back over her shoulder to become the cape. I always liked the main Power Girl costume so didn't stray too far from the idea of that. I kept the colour scheme and decided to play with some 'fashion' aspects of it and give her some clothing that could relate back to her alien origin, whilst trying to keep it superhero-ish (rather than techie and futuristic) hence the gloves, scarf/shawl/cape and skirt that you wouldn't really get on 'Earth' superheroes. Also added the 'blue ribbing' detail as a nod to the new 52 designs for Superman etc.

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