Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Trundling over Westminster

Dalek_Westminster_GNREID.jpg, www.gnreid.co.uk When it comes to drawing Daleks I like to play around with them a little bit, one way is by changing around the colour schemes but its also fun to place them out of continuity. For this sketch I've placed an updated 2005 design Dalek into the classic 1964 'The Dalek Invasion of Earth' scene of Westminster Bridge, nothing drastic but a nod to the past.

I still haven't attempted to draw the updated 'Paradigm' Daleks. I've slowly accepted their design but I have to question the reasons for their change other than a marketing ploy. If the producers of Doctor Who really wanted to re-boot the Daleks and make them feared again why on earth did they decide that each time you've got to see one after 'Victory of the Daleks' it was in a defeated, battle damaged or immobile state? Essentially undermining any 'fear factor' from their last full appearance?


  1. Lovely illustration Graeme. I really like this one. I should make more of an effort myself, its been a while since I put pen to paper.

    I think the production team realise that the new designs of the Daleks didn't work but they haven't ruled out not using the original 'new' designs in the future. Be interesting to see what happens over the coming months

  2. Cheers. I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing them as a main foe in the next season, with Ponds leaving the show it would be a good way to get the scare factor into the Daleks if they actually managed to bump off one of them :)

  3. Hi Graeme, I was looking for some inspiration and stumbled across your drawing while doing a search for dalek drawings.
    I really like the composition and colouring - as it manages to squeeze in a Dalek, a flying saucer and the Houses of Parliament all within a smallish frame !
    Very nice work indeed, as per the other comment here, I also really need to make more of an effort myself as I am a colour pencil artist who hardley ever finds the spare time to indulge in my hobby !
    How are you liking the new Doctor by the way ?

  4. Thanks for the nice comments Phil, a little while back I started to incorporate colour pencils into my Copic and ProMarker ink work. I found you can get a great mix together.

  5. Oh yeah, I am loving the new series, Capaldi is awesome!