Friday, January 6, 2012

Judge Dredd - rough head sketches

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. Just breaking in some new brushes and thought i would do some rough Dredd head doodles- of course i have just now seen Gary's post from yesterday - DROK! No Scotch Corner resolutions this year - only just managed to stay sane posting something new every week last year (the month or so of brilliant guest posts helped acheive that though). I imagine this year i will be posting some older stuff, some sketchier stuff (like this) and probably some completely random stuff too - who knows. Finally got around to installing Artrage3, Manga Studio and loading up a Bamboo Pen & Touch - all of which were purchased well over a year ago and i've never had the chance to use yet so will probably have some learning scribbles from that stuff along the way too.

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