Friday, June 17, 2011

X is for X-23

Marvel A - Z week 24: X-23

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Just to prove that i do read modern Marvel comics and i'm not completely stuck in my old school Marvel ways (but mostly because i couldn't find many characters starting with X) this week it's the turn of X-23. I've not actually read any of her own series but have caught the character in some X-Men and X-Force books. Another one of Marvel's 'clones' (in this case literally) of their popular characters. Over the last few years Wolverine has gained an extended family, a grown up son etc. and he has taken up a father-figure role for this character albeit she is actually a genetically created female version of himself. Grown as the ultimate secret weapon/assassin she is more lethal and violent (apparently) than Wolverine. She eventually escaped from her creators/captors and is currenty undergoing assimilation into the 'real-world' via Wolverine and the X-Men.

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