Friday, June 3, 2011

V is for Vulture

Marvel A - Z week 22: The Vulture

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The Vulture is one of Spider-Man's oldest(in more ways than one)recurring villians - he's a sturdy old bloke being that he was a pensioner back in the 60's. Basically a grumpy old man who took the huff when his business partner swindled him out of the business profits from inventions and gadgets that he had created. Using his inventions to create his flying suit he sought out revenge and then took to a life of crime realising that an honest days work is a mugs game.

On a side note i spent all last night wiping viruses from my PC so this was a bit of a rush job to squeeze in today - i realised i wasn't going to have time to draw a decent cityscape background in time, so i took the chance to try out this technique (which i had been meaning to do for a while anyway). From memory John Byrne used this a lot on his Alpha Flight run - although back then it was probably done with a photocopier and pritt-stick rather than photoshop.

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