Friday, May 27, 2011

U is for U.S. Agent and Union Jack

Marvel A - Z week 21: U.S. Agent and Union Jack

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These guys are basically the second string Captain America and Captain Britain of the Marvel Universe. The U.S. Agent (John Walker), when he was Super-Patriot, came into conflict with Captain America on various occasions proclaiming that he wasn't patriotic enough. When Steve Rogers quit being Cap (on one of many occassions) the government replaced him with John Walker - probably one of the better C.A. runs (although i've always preferred Captain America comics when Steve Rogers isn't actually Cap) and Kieron Dwyer's art didn't hurt either. At this point Steve Rogers became 'The Captain' and used this costume. When Rogers became Cap again he swapped suits with Walker and Walker then became the U.S. Agent wearing 'The Captain' suit. He's had a few costumes since but i still prefer this one - he's currently crippled after losing an arm and a leg, i'm sure a bionic version will be on route soon.

The current Union Jack is a third generation aristocratic hero - the original grandpappy version having fought beside Captain America in WWII as a member of the Invaders. Versions in between have had various costumes but the current costume (this one) is pretty much identical to the original WWII version.

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