Sunday, May 22, 2011

Carlsberg don't do comic clubs...

But if they did, It would probably be something like this.


During the second half of the 90's Glasgow's top comic get together was the SCCAM Club. (Scottish Cartoonist and Comic artists Membership.)
Held in Blackfriars Bar in the Merchant city, the monthly event was a well organised occasion.
Founding Members Tommy Sommerville and Ranald MacColl attracted some of the best talent in the scene as special guests over the 5 years it ran. Opening night saw Will Eisner in attendance, other guests over the years were Cam Kennedy, Gilbert Shelton, Bob Godfrey, Dave Gibbons, Mark Millar and Grant Morrison. That's not including semi regular attendees like Frank Quietly, Robbie Morrison, Gary Erskine and Colin Macneil. On the humour side of the comic world you had Dave Alexander, Somme and Shug90 from Electric Soup/Viz fame. Malky McCormick and Kettle and Christine of newspaper cartooning fame and French cartoonist Tanitoc, and Lorna Miller who were pioneers of their own new and distinctive brand of comic art. Over the years the club organised exhibitions of members work in Zagreb as well as treks to Memorabilia at the NEC and Newcastle's comic con, highlights of which were a free bar courtesy of the Viz team.
Tommy's son Christopher went on to create The Scottish Cartoon Art Studio in '99 of which Tommy himself is still a resident member.

The wee flyer below was done by myself for Cam's appearance in '96.


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  1. SCCAM was one of those things that I kept meaning to come along too but never managed. Jamie Grant and a couple other members suggested I should come along but my small town mentality made me feel that Glasgow was way too big for me to visit. What a fool, wish I'd gone.