Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dexters' Half Dozen


Maurice (Shit House) Doyle is the muscle factor in the fighting unit that makes up Dexters' Half Dozen.
The comic of the same name has been ongoing since 2007 and is up to it's 5th issue with six soon to be released. Produced by Jamie Lambert and Dave Clifford, Dexters' Half Dozen is a great WW2 romp with undead Nazis, Werewolves and occultism. It's a genre i'm very much involved with at the moment and I really enjoyed illustrating their formidable henchman.
I hear there is a collected book in the works too, so if it's your thing and you've come in late, keep your eyes and ears open for the release.

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  1. That is a hell of great image, I'm guessing they where well happy with that contribution.