Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So What?

Graeme Neil Reid,IllustrationZombies are everywhere these days, not surprising really, zombies or the undead have always been popular who wouldn't want to draw them? Anyway, this particular decaying gentleman is Animal the lead singer from the punk band Anti-Nowhere League. This image may or may not be part of future album art, I produced it for fun after meeting Animal at a photo shoot and seeing the band play later at a gig. The idea being that I may illustrate a cover for an album and perhaps this could be used at the track listings or something? Anyway its fun and maybe we'll get it sorted and go ahead.

While I'm here I'll just say congrats to Andy, Jon, Tom and (hey why not) myself for hitting the 100 posts mark!

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  1. 100 posts?!! How did I miss that? Congratulations indeed!