Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Graeme Neil Reid,Illustration,DoomlordDoomlord first appeared as a photo strip in the 'New' Eagle comic from 1982. "Doomlord – servant of Nox, master of life, bringer of death!" arrived on Earth to judge mankind's right to existence and unashamedly went around killing people and adopting their appearances to remain undetected. The strip changed to an illustrated version when Doomlord (or Zyn to use his real name) was killed (or was he!) and a second Servitor called Vek was despatched to judge us. This Doomlord still enjoyed killing people but was a much more approachable alien who took a liking to mankind and decided to save us while staying at a boarding house run by a Mrs Souster.

Superbly written by Alan Grant and John Wagner and later with art by Compton, Heinzl and Bradbury the strip was extremely popular and ran for eleven years. Go check out this link to find out more. This was a ink sketch commission completed last week and as I drew it I couldn't help but day dream about being allowed to draw Doomlord every day, sigh, a lovely dream!


  1. Doomlord shat me right up I can tell you. Good sketch.

  2. Really nice version of Doomlord, Graeme. Had forgotten all about the character until i found a copy of the New Eagle #1 a month or so ago when clearing out some boxes in the garage.
    So it was the photostrip version - i think the story was the 'human fishing' one -i always though that might be the inspiration behind this short Ewan McGregor film http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BboafZ4z8V4