Friday, September 17, 2010

Behind the scenes, strange but true

One of the more bizarre commisions i have ever done (in execution at least). I was asked to do an abstract painting as a gift for someone with the only real direction being the thickness of the canvas board and the colour scheme as it was to hang in a specific room. Unfortunately, I needed to do this just after moving house and hadn't even begun to unpack. So i dug through the mountain of boxes dumped in the garage to find some oil paints but couldn't even get near the art boxes with the brushes etc. As i knew roughly what i was going to do in my head and a Tesco delivery had just arrived i decided to experiment with a new 'tool' - and painted the underlay with Tesco carrier bags - incredibly messy, but good fun. Just as i was clearing up the client arrived and came into the garage to exclaim 'Great, your finished already -that's exactly what i had in mind, can i just take it away now?' Taken aback i asked several times if they were sure, they were and came back to collect after the oils had tried. Easiest 10 minute job ever and 6 Tesco bags recycled in an innovative way :) I'd be so rich if i could get a steady run of jobs like that.

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