Saturday, July 31, 2010

A little bit of Peace

I'm 'in between jobs' at the moment , which isn't a euphemism for 'unemployed' far from it. I'm gearing up on 'Knives of Glory' for FirstSecond Books which will take me to Xmas at least. Then I'm also working on a pitch or 2 for the project that's likely to come after that...or after the thing that comes after that, which is likely to be more Dante.
So this project is called 'Peace' it's set in ancient Athens during the Peloponnese War, stars Aristophanes and is written by my old pal Martin Millar.
Affluent, Hellenophile publishers can contact me through this Blog.


  1. I like this. Stupid question time, how long did it take to colour the page? It looks like you've kept it fairly simple (no sleight intended as I like it and it may have been a real bugger to do) but I've been trying to find ways to speed up my colour work and I'm wondering if you did this 'how you'd like it' with plenty of time or if you did it 'get it done quickly' and it looks great either way.

    I'll stop now because I'm starting to confuse myself :)

  2. I think it took about 3 hours, though I did get my Intern to 'flat' it out before. He selected skin, clothing, foreground, midground & background building layers. The flatting takes a lot of the toil out of it.

  3. So probably about the same amount of time again for your intern to do that yeah, somewhere between 5 to 7 hours for the finished article? Pretty much what I'd come in at too I reckon.

    An intern eh, well, well, living the life in the land of opportunity :)

  4. Interns can be a blessing or a curse. Sharing a studio with other working artists means you can keep one busy. However they aren't all very useful. Attitude can vary wildly, a diligent kid without much chops is a whole lot better then some smart ass prima-donna for example. They tend to learn more too. I've only had one guy who was really brilliant and had a great attitude, but of course he didn't hang around for long, even though I ended up paying him 'cos he was really useful. Best to have a trial period to see if they are going to fit in.