Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I don't drink... wine...

The second part of the t-shirt design which I first posted last week - the full frontal artwork of the Vampire in her coffin. The brief was that the image should be monochrome, but with occasional use of red. The image went through a lot of tweaks, a lot of changes, a lot of editorial adjustments but I think was stronger for it. (C) SPIRAL DIRECT 2010

As Illustrators our first duty (IMO) is to the client so we have to be prepared to give up or adjust our own opinions and intentions for an image to better serve the nature of a particular job - especially when it is a new client whose product line we might not be 100% familiar with. I suppose that leads into a question about whether illustration is art and whether I consider what I do to be art. Don't expect me to actually know the answers to those questions, mind you.


  1. Love the soft shading and the rivulets of cloth leading the eye into the coffin.

    Artists get commissioned too. Only difference, to me, is that illustration is usually for the commercial sale of a product.

    Of course it's art, a lot of fine artists don't get to say what they want either. Very little in it.

  2. Really like this one. The spot colour use is tremendous. Her face, eyes are beautiful.

  3. Hey, there are a LOT of folks I know working for Spiral. Did they hunt you down, or did you send them your portfolio? I agree with Barry; that red satin lining is luscious!