Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dan Dare: Evolution of a page.

Another Evolution of a page this week. With all the interest shown last week for the Warner Bros. option of Dan Dare and the possiblibility of Sam Worthington chosen as our lead, I decided to focus on the the Dare series I worked on a couple of years ago with Garth Ennis.

This post features the final page of issue seven featuring Willis charging ahead out of the back of the carrier headlong ino the action. With him is Christian and the Doctor. Garth's panel description was very spare but ALL the necessary information was there. The doctor was to look scared, Christian resolute (draggin him along) and Willis 'fired up' for the skirmish on board the Treen craft.

Like most pages I start with a thumbnail in the margin of the script page (which also shows panel layout) This is enough for me to provide a rough sketch of how the page should look. This is drawn using a biro pen on an A4 pad. Lots of energy and vibrancy when doing this. This is the best part of the creative process for me. Everything after this stage is just more refinement!

After some minor editorial comment and suggestions from Garth I move on to pencils. details are refined and the image and composition starts to become clearer. Some figures are moved slightly but still very much the same as the original sketch (and thumbnail)

After a quick pass from Garth and the editor I move on to inks. More refinement of the lineart and I get lost in the detail.

Colour is added and the original decision to have a red light flooding the scene ended up lookin overdone and heavy. We tried some less saturated versions but in the end the final choice was to keep it subtle.

This final version is much cleaner and works for me. The energy from that first sketch still jumps off the page and the subtle work by colourist Parasuraman on the muzzle flares and ricochets helps the overall image. Delighted with this and the resiof the book.


  1. great page gary always love the behind the scenes stuff, also good for artists to study who want to get to a pro standard :-)

  2. Another great talk thru and a cool action page. Love the 'kit' on the marines. Did you computer ink in the floor grills?