Saturday, April 10, 2010

Old Stony Face

When I drew the BLOOD CADET story ( written by John Wagner ) which introduced the Rico clone to the Dredd family, I had to rethink my Dredd to a certain extent, because I was essentially drawing the same man , one at 18 years old and the other in his 60s. They had to be obviously related, but the older Dredd should wear his years a bit more heavily than in a normal Dredd story to emphasize the difference and Dredds own feeling about meeting his potential replacement and therefore his own mortality. So this is one of the sketches I did to establish this older, more worn Dreddy. It's very hard to get Joe Dredd to emote in any recognisable way, this is the closest I could get.


  1. Cool really nice pencil work, tis top notch stuff

  2. Always liked how your eye visor bit is level and in this case due to the angle actually looks turned down. Everyone always draws it pointing up, well apart from Cam Kennedy anyway.